Hi! I'm Kerstin.


I'm a coach, writer, and reformed grudge holder. I help business owners build & grow their businesses with strategies defined by purpose, values, and self-care.


Those strategies are based on coaching and self-care solutions called tools for better. tools for better help translate intangible concepts like purpose and values into concrete blueprints and systems, for a solid business strategy. Added bonus: sanity and success.


What else is there to say about me? 

That's me, 97% of the time - second-day hair, pjyamas, at my desk. Just trying to keep it real over here. Still kicking ass and taking names though.
That's me, 97% of the time - second-day hair, pjyamas, at my desk. Just trying to keep it real over here. Still kicking ass and taking names though.


I know how to say "no". People often don't know how to react to that, because they don't expect it. {Some say I have a tendency to piss people off. That's where that comes from.} Having firm boundaries and not apologizing for them? Simultaneously the hardest and easiest thing ever.




"It's totally true. She really does know how to say "no". Keeps telling me forever to stop barking and she means it. But she buys me awesome treats, so I'm good with that." ~ Jacob


I'm a master at not scratching itches. When I was a kid/teenager, I had really bad dermatitis. I used to scratch until I bled. At 17, it had gotten so bad that I was hospitalized for 7 weeks in a specialized clinic in Switzerland. There, I learned how not to scratch those itches. It's almost like meditating. You concentrate on the itch and at first it gets worse, but then it will stop {or at least you'll get used to it and accept it as part of you}. It really works. But only if you're mindful about it.

My dermatitis went away after my first pregnancy {thanks, PJ!}, but my ninja itch skillz stayed. Mosquitos have nothing on me. Plus the technique helps with figurative itches as well. Feelings of restlessness, stress, indecision? Hone in on the feeling and watch it either disappear or become a part of you. Boom.




"You're welcome, mom. Let's see, what can I say about you... I would describe my mom as badass and cool. And, I don't know how she does it, but she's always right." ~ PJ


The most important thing I learned in college is to always question authority. I attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, and one of the general courses I took in my freshman year was American History 101. The professor was very young, and part douche bag, part awesome {a very intriguing mix, but gets old quickly}. He frequently said: "Always question authority", very appropriate for a history class, because questioning authority is how history is made and how change happens.

But it doesn't always have to be on a grand scale. There are many figures of authority in our lives, sometimes people who actually know stuff, and sometimes people who are self-proclaimed experts. It's not always easy to know the difference, but it's always possible to question - with respect and kindness. Most of the time, the reaction will tell you whether they're an actual expert or not. 

I question everyone and everything, because I want to be well-informed and I need to know whether I can trust someone. And I teach my kids the same thing. It's ok to question a doctor, teacher, or lawyer. You don't have to take everything they say as the gospel. Of course this comes with a price. Because as soon as you know what you want to know, you may not be happy with the situation anymore - and that's when growth and change happens. You make your own history and write your own story! 


 *I guess since this page is titled Bio, I should also tell you that I am German-born, but made for Canada; I was a plumber in a former life {an actual former life, when I still lived in Germany}. I am a freelance writer and have been a life and business coach since 2005. Since moving to Canada in 2008, I have written three books and a bunch of other stuff, and you can read some of that on my Contently page*



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