TMI - Content Overwhelm

A couple of weeks ago I read a post on Medium. It was about six areas of your life you need to organize to be healthy, wealthy, and happy. I'm not going to bother linking to it, because those posts are everywhere, you probably come across them daily. Don't get me wrong, those posts are super inspiring. They make your heart beat faster with each sentence you read, excited that a better life is just within reach. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined and everything - and I mean *e-ve-ry-thing* - falls into place. Except that it doesn't.



And why do allthethings fall into place for the people who write those posts, and not for you? Because they are writing about themselves and what works for their life, and not about yours. They also didn't start doing those things all at once after reading a post like that. They accumulated wisdom and curated those lists for many many years while trying and failing countless times. So if you're reading posts that inspire you and depress you at the same time because after you're done reading you realize it's just not going to happen for you? Don't let it bring you down, you're not alone. It's not happening for anyone.


But how do you move forward? How do you move towards a life and business that offers health, wealth, and happiness? Which one of those posts will you pick to make your guideline, when the internet is so full of content coming at you from all sides, with more information you can handle? It's TMI in its purest form, it's simply too. much. information. coming at you non-stop.


You have to become more critical of the information you consume. Ask yourself every single time how what you're reading applies to your life and business. 


Does what you're reading even make sense to implement in your business? Does it apply at all in the stage of business you're in or to the geographic area you live in? Could it work for your schedule and your family? How do you even define health, wealth, and happiness for yourself? What do those things mean to you? What is really missing from your life and business? What exactly would your life and business look like if you did all those things? And how many of the things are you already doing - without giving it much thought, because it's just common sense?


After reading the post I felt that surge of i-better-get-my-shit-together-and-get-on-this. Then I read through the post again, this time with a more critical eye and some of the questions I mentioned above. And guess what? My track record is not all that bad. I am already doing some of those things, and a few things the post outlined don't apply to me at all. In the end it was an interesting read and I moved on from there, concentrating on what matters in my life and business day to day in a tangible way, not on what matters to a stranger on the internet in their life and business. 

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